hazel & hershey cafe

A coffee shop tucked in a narrow alley near the Soho district which sells a full range of coffee makers.

We used a 2-tone graphics which resembles a coffee cup overflowing with hot, foamed milk to send a clear message to the passer-by; the graphical treatment is deliberately curved and smoothed to produce a sharp contrast to its surrounding texture.

As our client is very environmentally conscious, the core component of our design was created using thousands of layers of recycled carton, each individually cut, to form an organic waveform that becomes a product display wall stretching the entire length of the shop. Over time it would absorb the smell of coffee to become part of the aroma of the interior.

Finally, 3 needleless melting clocks decorate the ceiling to remind the patrons that the best coffee in town is not meant to be enjoyed in a hurry.

Completed in 2013.