house 61, village gardens

This is a residential project for rental purpose, where the owner wishes to create a stimulating living space for young people to rent with consideration including all the basic needs such as built-in storages, TV cabinets and wardrobes as well as fully furnished kitchen and bathroom. The owner having a high expectation for the durability and practicality of the design, yet creative design ideas are welcome.

As we often hear the request of extra storage spaces especially here in Hong Kong and there is no exception in this project. The owner wanted to hide the storage cabinets to project a clean and tidy environment. However, I believe that if we incorporate the proportion of cabinet carefully with some detailing tricks, the cabinet can be seen as an art piece, a light source, or the spirit / soul of the entire space.

The application of gear lever concept is used throughout the space. When encountering the metal sticks, there is a temptation to fiddle around with it as if pulling handle on a slot machine. Another feature is the tailor made metal tube with light which runs continuously by the wardrobes, work desk and even on the ceiling to express consensus. Finally, a touch of dark blue colour is used to cool down the warmth tone of the space.

The main materials used are white oak wood, black metal tubes and paint. They come in different shapes, patterns and arrangements in order to give this concise space a little bit more of content.

Completed in 2017.